You can’t do it alone.

I’m running another festival. No really. Tonight through to Sunday in Bangor we have some wonderful music nights planned as Curiad Bach/Mini Pulse.

There are a number of people without whom I could not have done this. Cecelia Bull and Steve Moore of the Bangor Live Music Society and Andy Beaumont have saved me a lot of work by agreeing to curate nights. Believe me, their contribution is invaluable. They have booked acts and will host the nights so that I don’t have to.

There has also been a band of people who have photographed, filmed and acted as stage crew. Without them, again, the festival would simply not have happened.

When  you are running a festival, the resource in shortest supply is time..

I am HTML and javascript literate, so I could have written a website. I could also have spent  every waking hour posting and reposting event advertisements on social media, but then I’d not have had the time to get everything else done and so it is with great appreciation that I thank High Voltage Queen (no, it’s currently her real name) and Emma from North Wales Promotions who have covered all of those things between them and allowed me to concentrate on putting bands and PAs into venues. They have been brilliant and I am enormously grateful.

Finally I would like to thank the venues and the acts and the punters. Without you there would be no live music, no festival, and, frankly, no fun.


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